Alpha Tower has always in strongly belief by customers in terms of service quality, management style and operation during 12 years of establishment and development.

As one of the old customers at Alpha Tower, We are very satisfied with the management of the Building Management Board. Always serve customers with professional service, cheerful and enthusiastic attitude

GEA Vietnam Co., Ltd

We are very satisfied with the management service of the building for more than 11 years that we stayed in. The management team always listens to customers' demmands, the security team is professional and friendly, the building's technical team is always ready to provide 24/24 support to customers.

Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)
Ho Chi Minh City Branch

We have trusted Alpha Tower to check in our office since …. till now. We regret that we cannot continue to maintain our office here because the building is planned to be upgraded and repaired for completely new, more professional, more modern outlook. We hope that we will have the opportunity to accompany the building when the project is completed.

Rittal Vietnam

Corrie Representative Office – Maccoll PTE, LTD highly appreciates the building management team. Both Customer care department and Technical department always serve customers with the criteria of active listening, serving quickly for high quality service.

Corrie Representative Office – Maccoll PTE, LTD